Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pixlr Love

I'm in love with the new image editor, Pixlr.  You can download it as an app on your smart phone, or have it on your computer to edit your pictures.  I use both and I'm in love!!  Also, there are three different ways you can use it on your computer, and two different ways to use it on your phone.  The best part is that its totally FREE.   Can I get a what what?!  Yay!

So for your smart phone, look in your app store for Pixlr, and you should be able to download it.  On your phone, you can upload pics saved in your Gallery (I have a Droid), and you can add effects to those, or you can use Pixlr's camera and take new pics, and add effects that way, sort of like Instagram.

For your computer, its even more awesome.  You can edit your photos on Pixlr Express, which I use for all of my pictures now for Etsy and my blog.  You can add text, add effects, make your pics look vintage, you name it. Crop, rotate, add borders, everything.  Its totally SAWEET.  See?  This is what I did with a picture of my son Gavin on his birthday.

I added a vintage filter and a cool white ripped border.

This one I did with a picture of my daughter, Julia:

I added a vintage filter on her and a border in the "film" catergory.  There sooo many different types of film borders you can add. Who knew?!

Here is an example of color splash with me and my hubby, Everett:

Cool right?!  I love that splash of color.

But that's not the only thing you can do with this site.  If you go to just, you will see all of the things they offer- you can do Pixlr-o-matic (the same as on your smartphone), they have a blog where you can get updates , pixlr editor, where you can do even MORE stuff there, like Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop, or Pixlr GRABBER, my favorite.  You can download a tool to use on Firefox or Google Chrome, and when you right click on an image, it automatically takes it to Pixlr editor to edit the photo.

Anyway, its awesome and I had to spread the word.  I know a lot of people used Google Piknik which is no more, and this is an awesome alternative.  Have fun!!


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